Apply for Service

This form is required for water and sewer service with both Suncadia Water Company (SWC) and Suncadia Environmental Company (SEC). A separate application must be made for each individual parcel of land. Please see the “Suncadia Water Company and Suncadia Environmental Company Reg- ulations and Guidelines” or the SWC Tariff, as approved by the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (WUTC), for more information.

The customer shall fill out this application in its entirety. If deemed necessary, SWC reserves the right to request additional information not asked for on this form.

A $30.00 account set up charge will be billed to your account once this application is submitted.

    Property Location:

    By signing below, the customer asserts that all information is true and accurate to the best of their knowledge. Furthermore, the customer is serving notice that the customer desires water service from SWC and agrees to comply with the SWC’s Regulations and Guidelines and the Rules and Regulations on file with the WUTC and in effect at the time service is furnished. Customer also asserts that if they are signing for a Limited Liability Corpora- tion they agree to be held personally responsible and liable for all aspects of the account, including payment for any and all charges.